Birthday: February 6
Age: 15 years
Species: Animan
Role: Village prankster / Guide
Eye Colour: Twinkling Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Place of Birth: Brunk, Esmorde
Description: Has a three-metre long tail (rumoured to be punishment for mooning a Sorcerer). Wears scruffy clothes and a bright blue feather in his hair
About: Scud is the village prankster of Brunk, a poor farming town with very little to worry about and even less to farm. David first meets Scud at his Crezca Ceremony, where young Esmordians are given a feather as a sign they have reached adulthood. Scud joins the group on their quest to prove to his Chief that he is truly worthy of his Crezca. He is a fast and loyal friend and always makes light of a bad situation.
Skills: Climbing trees, charming mermaids and getting on Jeeka's nerves.
Quote: Devilled alligator eyes might be bad going in, but they're even worse coming out...


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Jeeka Foxglove
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