Birthday: August 26
Age: 14 years
Species: Half-human, half-elf
Role: Nori to Elder Nei
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Brown
Place of Birth: Hydrenia, the Capital City of Esmorde
Description: Slightly pointed ears. Wears clothes like green moss and has tiny white feathers tied into her plait.
About: A strong-willed orphan since her mother died, Jeeka is nori to Elder Nei, the Elder of the Water Temple and highest ruler of Esmorde. From him she learns the secrets of blue magic, matched by the green magic instilled in her as elf-half. She is fiercely intelligent, wildly competitive and detests being second best at anything.
Skills: Elemental magic, combat, fencing, horse-riding, survival skills, hunting, herbal healing, languages, foreign diplomacy, politics, tracking, astronomy, meditation, map-reading, literacy, mathematics, acrobatics, weaving, embroidery, tool-making, mountaineering, white-water-rafting, swimming, art, music (harp and flute), sailing, physics, wrestling, and singing. Lacks basic people skills.
Quote: I am not weak!


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Jeeka Foxglove
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