It's the last week of school term and David can't wait to return to Esmorde for the Easter holidays. But when Dad finds his exercise book full of stories about his adventures, he worries that David is spending too much time in his "imaginary world" and forces him to see accomplished therapist Uncle Darius.

David soon learns therapy is the last thing on Uncle Darius' mind. Unlike his parents, he actually believes the stories in David's exercise book are true... and he has the evidence to prove it. He demands David return to Esmorde and bring him some of the valuable metal mythril in exchange for the safety of his family and friends.

David returns to Blackwater, his heart heavy with his task. But when he tries to go through the Door back into Esmorde he suddenly finds himself on a mountain the middle of nowhere. Attacked by wraiths, David and McFluff are saved from a fate worse than death by the mysterious and enigmatic Crowen of Cole. Their new friend leads them through dangerous marshes and onto a pirate ship, where they must stowaway to get to Hydrenia in time for the Banishing Fesitval.

They finally reach the Capital and David is reuinted with his friends. David's joy is short-lived when he sees just how rare and precious mythril is and realises his only option is to steal it. But when he does, he unwittingly sets off a chain of events that threatens the peace of Hydrenia, and possibly the universe itself...


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