Once upon a time...

I was born in Wellington, New Zealand in July 1982. In 1989 my family - Kiwi-Mum Rosemary and Aussie-Dad Dave, and brothers Levi and Adam - moved to Brisbane, Australia where my Dad grew up. We three Timmis kids went to Loganholme State School for primary and Chisholm Catholic College for high school, where I graduated in 1999 before heading off to the Queensland College of Art to study animation.

It took two years for me to realise I was a pretty dismal animator but the experience taught me bucketloads about art and drawing, something I have always loved immensely and which only comes second to writing.

After a few years of mind-numbing admin work I enrolled in a TAFE course in design, and a year later landed a brilliant job (I have to call it brilliant because I still work there!) doing graphic and web design. Lucky for me I'm just crazy enough to think coding is enormous fun... I even built this fantastic web site myself!

When I'm not creating something I'm usually riding my bike all over town, chilling out on Facebook or doting on my beautiful (and incredibly lazy) cat Ayla.


I have always had a great passion for stories, whether in the form of cartoons, books, comics, video games, movies... TV ads... ditties scrawled on toilet doors... anywhere. As the only girl I either had to play with cars and lego or by myself (Levi wouldn't be caught dead playing My Little Ponies and Adam was too young to bribe) so with no one else to bounce ideas off it was all up to me and my imagination, and I loved it.

Books have always been particularly special to me, especially picture books with beautifully detailed illustrations you can lose yourself in, such as House by Mouse by George Mendoza or any of the fabulous books by Shirley Barber. Brian Froud is my artistic idol and I'm a huge fan of his concept art ( - think 80's movies Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal). My bookshelf is crammed with kid's books, notable favourites being John Flannagan's Ranger's Apprentice series, CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and of course, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. To get lost in a story is something magical, and I have always wanted to build a world others could immerse themselves in and think, 'I wish it were real and I could be there'.

For me, the transition between reading stories to writing them was an obvious one. Someone recently asked me how long I've been writing stories... my reply was, 'I learnt to write when I was five... so, I guess since I was five.'


This book
I started writing "David and the Heart of Aurasius" in 2003, just before my 21st birthday. It started out as an assignment for a children's writing course I was doing through the Australian College of Journalism (now Cengage Education). The assignment asked students to create a story using a five-point plotting device, and I loved the idea I came up with so much I HAD to write it. Suddenly it turned from a single 'quest' type story with a relatively straight-forward plotline to a five-part series that twisted and turned and introduced all kinds of (well, in my somewhat bias opinion) great characters.

Something you are told a lot in the writing industry is to never fall in love with your ideas. I disagree entirely! This book took me seven years to create, and it was never easy - sometimes it was plain near impossible, battling with plot holes and countless re-writes and self-doubt, but I did it... and as the old cliché goes, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I just hope it doesn't take you seven years!

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