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'David and the Scavenger Prince' ... it's HERE!

Thanks to everyone who waited ... and waited ... and waited for this book. I truly hope it doesn't disappoint. The last few years have been pretty crazy with a new addition to the family, a house build and a wedding (more or less in that order!).

I'd like to thank every person who made this book possible, including my writing group for the hours spent picking up plot issues and inconsistencies (and the odd elephant sentence), my fabulous editor Carody Culver, my super talented cover artists Yoko Matsuoka (front cover) and Nadia Asserzon (back cover) and my incredibly supportive husband for putting up with his crazy 'But I want to be a writer!' wife.

Pre-orders can be made here. And if you're not able to buy a book, please consider asking your local library to purchase a copy!



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